Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting Summer Flowers from Seed

With Spring coming early this year, the Minnesota Gardener starts to get that flower itch. This time last year, we still had a layer of snow. Bored the other day, I decided to start some seeds - tomato and marigolds, using the pellet system below for the first time.

The pellets come in a variety of containers and are flat. I chose this "window" variety so that it easily fits on the window sill to get all that lovely sunshine.

 Just add some water and the pellets swell up and the top netting breaks.

 Once the top netting is broken, make a small well in the center, place a couple of seeds in the hole you made, and cover up with some of the soil.

Put the top on and do not remove until you see the first true leaves start to form.I think I am going to stick with this system as you can buy additional pellets by the bag so that I don't have to buy new containers each time.