Thursday, June 21, 2018

Can Pansies Survive the Summer?

Why yes, you CAN grow pansies to survive summer! The key is planting them in the right spot.

It's hard waiting for Spring to come, especially when winter lasts into May like this year, so you can get Pansies in the ground. Pansies are techinally cool weather plants and thrive in the Spring. I love them because they are the first colors you can get in your garden as annuals, and they can survive late frosts.

If you want to keep them all summer long, plant them in a location that gets morning sun. If you plant them where they will be exposed to afternoon sun, you'll lose them by late June. Mine stop getting sun by Noon and then are shaded by the house the rest of the day.

These are some of the pansy faces I planted this year, and they ware still going strong. I plant them in front of my coneflower garden so that by the time the coneflowers are in full bloom by late summer, the pansies start to take back stage, and then I pull them out by late August. Of course, keep them watered in the very hot days of summer and fertilized, and you'll have happy pansies all summer long.