Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got to Kill the Wabbit...

I walked around the yard today, pulling weeds out of my garden beds, only to discover that some of the red tulips my mother gave me have gone missing. Now, I don't mean dug up and gone forever, but eaten. Yep, looks like some pesky rabbits have been having some late night dinners, courtesy of me. The bulbs had another week to open. Out of nine bulbs, the rabbits left me all but one to enjoy...unless they come for that one tonight. Needless, to say, but I feel like Elmer Fudd right now.

(the photo is kind of hard to tell, but it is my rabbit damage from a month ago, when the tulips were first coming up)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm from MN too. Just wondering if you knew of any locations that would have tons of cherry blossom trees? I'd like to get out and do some photography work. I'll be back to check on your answer. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of rabbits, I have a family living in my yard somewhere. Thinking about killing em too... they've left poop all over my yard!


Jennifer Kirby said...

Hi Julie,

I am not sure about cherry blossom trees, but I do know that the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has a huge collection of Crab Apple Trees that should be blooming this weekend. I was thinking of heading out on Monday, when the weekend crowd is gone, to take some photos of them.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks Jennifer.

- Julie