Monday, July 20, 2009

Endless Summer Hydrangea

I planted two Endless Summer Hydrangeas last year and since the flowers can either be blue or pink, depending on the soil pH, I have been experimenting on getting the flowers blue. This one is a light purple, while the one below is a bright pink. I have been putting used coffee grounds around the base of each plant, and some Aluminum Sulfate as well. Since I don't know how much aluminum sulfate to use to get a good blue, this will be a continuing experiment. The one below has a faint touch of lavender in some flowers, but it is being stubborn compared to my other bush.

Some of the things you must do to protect this variety of hydrangea is to keep watering the shrub up until the first frost and to cover it with mulch to protect it from the winter weather. I also planted them in an area that is partially protected from winter winds, and get part sun during the day. So far, they are doing quite well!


Tonia said...

Thanks for the photos of your beautiful Hydrangea! I planted two of the same variety in a large plater-box this spring.

Mine started off pink, but are now completely blue due to very clay-like soil that surrounds our house. I didn't think they would grow in such heavily clay soil so I added in some store-bought soil as well for them.

They were doing great for a while, but recently they have started to look a little burned (the leaves are turning black and the flowers are getting crispy.) I am new to flower-gardening, so I am wondering if I made a mistake by putting them in a sunny area...I water them a ton, but it's not helping.

Am I supposed to dead-head the dying flower-bunches? Any ideas? I would really appreciate some feedback, I'm bummed that they are suddenly looking so sad. Thanks!

Jennifer Kirby said...


These hydrangeas don't like full sun, and do best with morning sun, but afternoon shade. They can become scorched and parched in the afternoon sun.

Since these are new plants, you must keep up with watering them until they are established well. Endless summer hydrangeas take a little extra work, so just make sure they are not getting afternoon sun, but are getting plenty of water during the hot days.

Billie Jo said...

I put too much aluminum sulfate on mine last year and almost lost them. they seem to be coming back just fine now. After I did this I did find a recommendation for ratio of this to water to use next time on the Endless Summer official homepage.