Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Baskets Bring May Flowers

Last Saturday I decided to stop by Pahls in Apple Valley to check out their Moss Basket Days. I spent some bucks to create a basket of sun loving plants (you can also create one for shady gardens too). For the size basket I got, I was able to choose 12 plants to put in it. I can't remember most of what I put in there, so I will have to wait until May when I pick up the basket from Pahls to view the plant cards. It is a pretty cool concept, as March makes all us Northern gardeners get Spring fever, and this event lets us get our hands dirty for an hour when it is still frozen outside. Pahls waters and takes care of the baskets until it is safe to take them outside, and I have to pick mine up before May 7th.

The place was pretty packed, and when I arrived in the early afternoon, alot of plants were starting to get cleaned out. I can't wait to see if my creation actually has any visual appeal, so will let you know when I pick it up!

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