Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poppies in the Garden

I have never given much thought to Poppies and really don't know much about them. But a couple of months ago while perusing the Home Depot garden center, my son spotted some poppies called "Champagne Bubbles", and he just had to have one of his own. So, we picked out this beautiful red flower, as well as a pink variety.

When the rabbits don't eat them, they bloom very well and are quite pretty, though short in height. It will be interesting to see how they do with their first winter, and if they come back. If successful, then I just might add a few more to the garden next year.


Suzanne said...

Hello & Happy New Year! Was curious if your poppies ever returned? Recently I received tons of poppy seeds from in Alaska. Was hoping to plant here in MN :0)

Thank you & happy gardening,

Jennifer Kirby said...


No, they never did come back. I am not sure if it was too wet where I placed them, or if they just didn't like the soil. I haven't tried any since then, but would love to in the future.