Saturday, May 28, 2011

Early Meadow Rue - Minnesota Wildflower

Early Meadow Rue

This is one of the most interesting wildflowers I have seen the past few years, and is surprisingly part of the Buttercup family. It is small, delicate, and easy to overlook when out hiking in the woods. As the flowers age the thread parts that hold the handing stamens turn red (seen in this photo I took last year). It likes moist and shady areas in the woods.


Billie Jo said...

We have a lot of this growing in and around our gardens. I love. The foliage and the flowers are very interesting.

ictero said...

I just noticed some of this popping up in my garden this year - don't know where it came from, but it look interesting. Your photos are awesome, BTW - I found your blog because I was googling perennial bachelor buttons ... yours are lovely!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Billie Jo - it is so easy to miss this first it doesn't look like a typically flower until you look close.

Ictero - thanks for finding me!