Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seed Shopping

Bachmans' Seed Showcase

It's that time again. With winter slowly, and I mean slowly, drifting away, the time has come to start seeds indoors. Last year I was so busy that I never got around to starting my tomato seeds indoors. Instead I waited until planting season and bought some tomato plants from Bachmans. Unfortunately, the variety I selected didn't yield as well as others I have grown, and they weren't beefy enough. Beefsteak tomatoes are by far my favorite.

So I visited my local Bachmans and picked up some tomato seeds to get started, and went ahead an bought some spinach, lettuce, and beet seeds as well. Once this snow melts, it will be time to till the garden and get those into the ground.

With the birds chirping, Spring is finally here!

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