Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mix Up Your Daffodils

The hardest part of planting spring bulbs in the fall is guessing what they will look like in your flower beds once the snow melts. It's like Russian Roulette. You're not quite sure if it will be a hit or a miss.

I've been experimenting with daffodils by selecting different types and placing them in different areas and beds around the garden. The times I've had a "miss", I make a note to add something else to the site in the fall. No matter what, I take a picture of my blooming beds so I can remember in the fall what plant was where and how many bloomed. This spring has been the best spring yet!

Here are a few types in my garden:

Tahiti Daffodils 
I have placed Tahiti daffodils, a fantastic double daffodil, in my east beds along a walking path. They make a big impact visually the more you have and are known to be good naturalizers.

White Petal Daffodils
I have some of these white petaled daffodils in my rear bed in a couple locations. Some are bunched in groups, while others are mixed in with yellow varieties. They make a nice change in color scheme.

Miniture Daffodils 
One of my front beds has miniture daffodils. I love their small size, and have mixed them in with Chionodoxa, another small spring bulb. When pansies become available, I plant them in front of the daffodils to make a nice contrast.

Garden Tip: plant bulbs with different bloom times to extend the daffodil season

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