Monday, July 6, 2015

Zinnia's - A Great Summer Annual

I'm a sucker for red. If I see it in a store, I bee-line to it because honestly, red is not the most available color for flowers. For the last few summers, I have been planting short, red Dahlias in a back garden bed. I love them, but this year I didn't get to the local garden center in time to get the quantity I need, which is usually 20+. They're also not cheap.

Looking for something else, I came across these Scarlet Zinnias. The color is perfect, and they're short too. If I can find them again next year, I do believe this is my new go-to annual.

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Mom Sullivan said...

I'm a sucker for RED also, I think that is why I continue to plan Red Geraniums every year.. have Red pillows on my front porch chairs, have a Red Dish dryer pad, Red Lamps in my Bedroom... and lots of Red at Christmas time.... just to give you my love for RED.... :)