Saturday, May 26, 2018

Not What I Was Expecting

Over Mother's Day weekend I attended the Friends Plant Sale, an annual event I have attended for about 8 years. Every year the plants do well that I have purchased, but this year I received a little surprise.

I love planting a long border of dwarf Zinnias in one of my gardens each year, all the same color (my favorite color is Raspberry).  It's a dramatic look by August. So this year I bought a flat of Raspberry Zinnias and planted them like normal.

Here's what I got when they started blooming:

Hey there Yellow, wasn't expecting you!

White with some Raspberry is certainly different

Out of 40 plants I got 10 Raspberry
So, since they are all planted, not much I can do now! So guess I'll roll with it and see how this diverse color border looks in a few months.

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