Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New Colors of Tulips this Year

I really hope I saved the mixed tulip bulb bag that I bought last fall because I am LOVING the colors in this mix. The range from red, pink, tangerine, yellow, and white. I decided to group them in odd numbers this year to see how it looked (instead of planting them in a straight line).

Large holes were dug and I put three to seven tulips in a hole, and then spaced the holes out a couple of feet. I love the look of randomness so much that I'm going to repeat it again next year.
Oh, and yes, I plant about 100 bulbs in similar locations each fall. Some get eaten by voles or dug up by squirrels before spring, some get eaten by rabbits when they start shooting up, and some don't bloom at all. Tulip bulbs here in Minnesota don't bloom more than three years, so they say, but I'm lucky if I get just one season.

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