Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thinking About Spring

I just started receiving seed catalogs in the mail for next years plantings. Seeing as there is over a foot of snow on the ground right now, digging in the dirt is very far off. But "window" shopping is ok and makes me start thinking of what I will try next year. So far I think I will try a different tomato as last years Brandywines were HUGE. I will also plant beets as I have a fantastic pickled beets recipe. Also toying with the idea of planting wax beans...the kids love them and so do I. Both of these will be a new experience so it should prove to me an interesting summer.

What are you thinking of planting next year?


phishlady said...

I'm just north of St. Paul, so I know what you mean about only window-shopping!

I'm looking forward to trying the Blacktail Mountain watermelon this year, and Scarlet Runner beans. I really enjoyed the Aussie tomatoes we got (I cheated and bought plants from Linder's), and I have read that "Bi-Color Cherry Tomatoes" are supposed to rival Sungold and have seeds that can be saved. I'm hoping so; I absolutely loved the Sungold tomatoes I grew a few years back, so I'll try Bi-Color this year.

I'd like to try beans but that's not something I've ever grown in the garden (nor did my mother) so I have NO experience in what to pick - I'd love to hear what variety/ies you end up with and why!

Haven't picked specific varieties for most other types yet; I don't have many years' experience to draw from, and my mother always grew hybrids from catalog seed so I don't have that experience either. I think I've got several years of experimenting to come!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Beans will be a first for me so this should be interesting. I did OK with tomatoes this year, and my friend says it is not fair that I did so well on my first try. I don't have a big vegetable garden yet so I have to limit what I plant.