Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Rabbits

It appears that all the snow is making the poor little rabbits who savaged my garden last spring quite hungry. There is so much snow on the ground that the three foot high chicken wire fence around my beloved perennial bed is completely covered over. The rabbits have finally figured out they can walk right over the top of the bed and found the tops of my sedums barely sticking out of the three feet of snow.

This morning I woke up to find the rabbits had dug a foot down into the snow and eaten all the sedums up to that point. I feel bad for them, but hate to think that food like this will keep them around. There is also a growing number of rabbit droppings under my deck.

Don't get to comfy critters...war will be declared in the Spring if you don't leave my perennials alone!


Lisa said...

I have the same "critter issues" in my Zone 4 garden. Chicken wire surrounds the "truly precious" gardens (usually our food plots), but in the interest of biodiversity, I have to believe there's a way to live alongside the rabbits (and moles, voles, raccoons, deer, etc.) that inhabit my back yard. I believe we all deserve to share the same spaces (I mean, if we push them out of our yards, they still need to go someplace), so somehow we must learn to coexist.

If I could train the bunnies to eat that noxious weed, creeping charlie, I'd welcome many more of them! :)

Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks for your blog!

phishlady said...

I didn't leave anything tall enough this year (by chance) so although I have the same situation with rabbits walking over the fences, they haven't found anything yet.

Ugh, the space underneath my front deck is sure starting to smell like animal, though! I'm sure the rabbits have a happy snow-free home there. :P I hope it goes away over the summer, we've never had it smell like this before!

Amazing flower, I hope I start to see some green in my yard soon!!!