Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Year's Vegetable Garden

This year I decided to plant the Red Brandywine Tomatoes, the same as I planted last year. One change I made was to place the six plants in a single row, instead of two rows of three plants because last year, it was hard to get to the tomatoes on some plants. The Brandywines get pretty heavy, so I will have to stake the plants further when they get another two feet high.

The spinach, radishes, and red leaf lettuce are spent, but I still have beets to harvest in another week, as well as strawberry plants, and yellow beans.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen those squiggly stakes before. I like to see the design in the little things :) I'm a virgin gardener and planning my very first plantings for this fall. So far, I've gotten as far as preening, covering with plant fabric, and am half way done with mulching. Am I overdoing it and is all this necessary? Also, do you compost? We've got big plans for that as well.

OutdoorMama.com said...

Are those squiggly lines stakes to keep them upright? I've never seen that before. I'm a MN gardener (still beginner) as well. Hope to see more from your blog. I have a garden decor blog http://www.outdoormama1.blogspot.com.Have a look!