Friday, June 3, 2011

Exchanging a Dead Bush at Bachman's

Last spring I planted a Hydrangea "Invinicebelle Spirit", a pink version of "Annabelle". It's a new shrub that I thought I would try out...I like different/new things in my yard. This spring, the below picture shows you what was left of the plant. Surprisingly, it didn't survive as these new Hydrangea shrubs are suppose to be hardy to Zone 3. I had a sneaky suspicion before winter came that it was already on its last leg, so I called Bachman's to verify their return policy on failed plants.

I was told to bring in my receipt (which of course I did not have), or to bring in the Bachman's plant tag that had been attached to the shrub. Now this is not the official plant tag that is all pretty, but is a long white tag with Bachman's logo on it, as well as the date of the plant. I always keep my tags, so I took this into the Apple Valley Bachman's two weeks ago.

I walked out with a new replacement plant, no hassle at all! Here it is planted in my yard. Hopefully this one survives, or it is adios to "Invincibelle".


Green Thumbelina said...

I wonder if it works the same at menards. I have a dead plant that didn't make it through the winter as well and I know they have a 1 year warranty. Like you said, of course I don't have the receipt still. Maybe I'll drop in and see what their policy is. It's good to know that Bachman's is so customer friendly. I hate when companies screw over their customers.

Jennifer Kirby said...


It was so nice to not have a hassle. Good luck with Menards!

GardenAngelMum said...

I bought an Invincibelle Spirit myself last year and it is doing amazingly well this year. Twice as big and some buds starting to form already. hope your second is successful. I've exchanged a magnolia tree at Bachman's in the past with no hassles either.

Mom said...

Ok, I have to ask... is this Bachman's related to Michelle?? :)