Sunday, May 23, 2010

I hate the Wind

For a few days this weekend it felt like I was living back in Florida as a Category 1 hurricane rolled through the area. My poor plants took a beating and were pleading for a drink after the wind died down. Ok, most of them came through ok, but I did have to save one of my iris plants as the wind had it nearly laying down on the ground. I quickly staked it and it pulled through the wind no problem.

After living through so many storms in Florida, I have come to hate the wind. A gentle breeze is ok, but I have experienced more high winds in Minnesota than I thought was possible. Oh, and the humidity that followed was also not a welcome addition. Maybe we should call this state, Florisota instead? Minneorda?


Kiyi Kiyi said...

I HATE the wind too! That wind the other day ripped one of my trellises out of the ground - Grrr stupid wind!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Is it a Minnesota thing, the wind? I never thought it would be windy all the time. It's windy today too!

Jennifer Kirby said...
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