Monday, May 10, 2010

That Darn Freeze!

I experienced my first late spring Minnesota garden freeze this weekend, and ran out of sheets to protect my Endless Summer Hydrangea. By noon Saturday, the poor thing looked like the above photo. I have another one as well, and it took a beating too.

I was able to cover up my vegetables, bleeding heart, peonies, and many other plants that were tender with new leaves and they look to have pulled through. But my Chocolate Joe Pye Weed got hit, as well as some of the astilbe and sedum leaves. Tomorrow I will have to see if there is any further late appearing damage. Next time, I need to get some more sheets!


Green Thumbelina said...

I live in Fridley so we got hit with 30's or so. I'm nervous to go home and look at my plants. Silly me thought we were in the clear because of the beautiful weather that afternoon. Oh well, that will teach me to watch the weather better.
Also as a pointer, if you go to garage sales at all, I went last weekend and quite a few people had unopened sheets and blankets for sale. Just an idea.

Jennifer Kirby said...

That's a good idea with going to garage sales and picking up old sheets...hadn't thought of that. I had so much covered up I was a little worried the neighbors would think I was crazy. Hope your plants are ok!