Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Iris Garden

I have been waiting three seasons to finally witness once again what I have not seen for at least a decade or more: Irises from my mom's garden, ones I grew up with, are now blooming in my own garden.

My mom gave them to me in the fall of 2007, but since the home we were building was not yet complete, I had to plant them in my mother-in-laws garden for the winter in Wisconsin. The fall of 2008, with our new home complete and my garden beds plotted out, I moved them into my garden bed.

But since irises usually do not bloom for a year once transplanted, I did not get to enjoy any blooms when the Spring of 2009 came around. So I waited patiently for another year to go by, and now finally, three seasons later, I finally have blooms! I had forgotten just how beautiful the blue-purple color of these flowers were.

Thanks Mom, they are a welcome site to my garden and people walking by always comment on them.


Mom said...

These pics are absolutely amazing, daughter.... you are turning into a Fantastic Photographer... really, you should think about going Free-lance and selling some of these photos and more! Very proud of you... this site has taken a lot of time for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, what beautiful iris. Brought back memories. You take after your Mother with your green thumb, she use to love to have flowers in hr yard. I think she may of gotten her starts from our Mother. You need to publish a gardening book. Love You !

Aunt aren

Jennifer Kirby said...

That's what mom said to me last night. You never know, maybe when I get more photos, that just might happen. :) said...

I agree, these photos are amazing! Great work!